We all need and deserve a good night's sleep, to feel fully rested and to be able to face the day ahead. We all need to be able to sleep on a comfortable bed that can support our body while we sleep. The type of divan base and mattress we choose very much depends upon our physical needs and if we prefer a firm or more softer type of mattress.

    Divan beds are the most popular choice of bed base in the UK. These beds are popular for very good reasons. They come delivered in two halves, so are very easy to install in homes that make it difficult to manoeuvre around, such as narrow winding stairs or a narrow hallway. Additionally, divan beds often come with storage options, which is a huge advantage if your bedroom has limited storage space.

    The ultimate guide to divan beds

    The divan bed base is incredibly flexible, unlike other bed frames. There are also several types of base to choose from, the two main types being a pocket sprung divan and the platform top. The pocket sprung divan gives you a soft and comfortable base, while the platform top provides you with a firmer base. We look at divan bed bases in more detail below.

    Can I buy a divan base only?

    The answer to this is that you most certainly can. Doing so allows you to buy the correct base for you, and then you can choose your type of mattress to complement the base. There are several types of divan bed base.

    Platform top

    A platform top, also known as a solid top, provides a firm feeling base. The wooden frame is made with supportive springs attached to the base, and is often constructed from hard board with a padded top layer. If you prefer a firmer feeling bed, this is the type for you.

    Open coil

    This type of bed base is constructed with a spring coil base that provides a softer feeling. This type of divan bed base is often used with a softer mattress such as pocket spring or memory foam. Many people will buy an open coil base to use with an existing mattress.

    Pocket sprung

    The solid bed base frame incorporates rows of pocket springs. This bed base offers you the most support and is recommended for individuals who have back and joint problems. This bed base also provides equal support to two people when there is a big weight difference.

    Do divan beds come with mattresses?

    You can buy a divan bed with a mattress as a complete package, but many people choose to buy their mattress separate, due to the sheer amount of choice that is available, the firmness of the mattress fabric, and the choice of softness. It may well be that your chosen base comes with your ideal mattress, which will make your shopping experience that much easier.

    So, what are your mattress options when buying a divan base? Well, you can pretty much buy whatever mattress you like. We explore three of the main types.

    Memory foam

    A memory foam mattress is designed to mould itself to your body as you sleep, relieving pressure from those painful joints and supporting your back. These are popular for any individual who suffers from aches and pains.

    Pocket sprung

    This is the most popular type of mattress and is a good all rounder. Made from metal spring coils that move independently of each other, this type of mattress provides just as much support as a memory foam, but it won't mould itself to your body. Pocket sprung mattresses also tend to be cooler than memory foam.

    Latex mattresses

    This is probably the least common and most expensive type of mattress. Made with a central layered latex core, this type of mattress is made for longevity and will keep its shape and firmness over time.

    Are divan beds better?

    This is the question that many buyers ask when choosing a new bed. Well, the truth is that there are many advantages to buying a divan bed.

    Extra storage

    The divan offers you such great storage options. This can be in the form of drawers that can be pulled out on either side of the bed, or you can also have sliding doors to access cupboard space. Additionally, some mattress sale uk divan beds offer ottoman style storage.

    Space saving

    The divan is a compact bed, in that the base is usually the same size as the mattress, so is ideal for a smaller bedroom, or when you simply want to free up space. You also don't need to use a footboard or a headboard.

    Customise your divan

    Choose a divan with or without storage and add your own style of headboard or footboard if you so wish. This allows you to create your own look that may incorporate wood or metal.

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